We are developing a next generation app called Horse Power because we are devoted to strengthening the equine partnership with our magnificent athletes. Our app will support equine health, wellness and performance through mobile data gathering and analysis for more mindful horsemanship.


We’re doing data gathering differently. This isn’t your same old “record keeping” app. It’s about information transparency and helping the equine industry thrive. Keep track of all the important details of your horse’s performance, health and wellness.

Know Your Equine Partner

Through easy to use mobile data tracking you will see important patterns which can lead to a deeper understanding of your equine partner. This will also allow better injury prevention and help provide more accurate diagnosis when problems arise.

Increase Your Performance

Empower your horsemanship by setting clear goals, working towards them and succeeding! Keep track of your progress to better dial in your horse’s exercise and nutritional needs. Be a superior competitor by striving to be better than you were the day before!

Strengthen Your Bond

Invest the time to capture important daily exercise, health and wellness information about your horse. Watch your understanding grow as you become more mindful of your horse’s day to day activities. This will help cultivate deeper connection and synergy.

And then Tech said to Mother Nature, "You inspire me."
Live. Love. Horses.