Horsing Around

Leap Day

It's leap day! We added an extra day in February to our calendar to better synchronize with Earth’s orbit around the sun and the actual passing of the seasons. Next leap year will be in 2020!

The reason we need these extra days is because Earth actually takes ~365.25 days to orbit around the sun every year. So the extra quarter day creates the need for a leap year. If you want to learn more visit EarthSky's article.

Live. Love. Horses.

Happy Winter Solstice

Solstice means sun set still in Latin and the Winter Solstice is the "great stillness" before the Sun's strength builds again and our days grow longer. This also means we're now gaining precious daylight for our equestrian pursuits! For more fun facts and other interesting information read EarthSky.org's great article.

"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars." -Og Mandino

Lisa Maria of Manifest Daily wrote a beautiful article about this time of year, and how it can be a spiritual day for many and also "A Time for Growth, Rebirth, & Renewal." A touching sentiment of hers:

This is a poignant time to stop and listen, to harmonize our energy and reassess our connection to our spirit and life’s purpose. Take some time to look inside and think about what it is that you would like to bring in to your life, or nourish within yourself. What makes you come alive? When we shine with life and light, we enhance the lives of others and encourage and inspire them to improve themselves. In this way we all add to the lights shining around the world, dispelling the darkness.

Horses make us come alive. Our life's purpose is to contribute to the equine industry in a positive and meaningful way. This coming year, 2016, will see our Horse Power App finally released! We hope it truly helps information transparency and increases overall performance and health and wellness for our beloved equine athletes.

Live. Love. Horses.

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Happy Chuseok 추석! A national Korean holiday that is also called the Harvest Moon and even Korean Thanksgiving. It is a very cherished holiday and still celebrated by many Korean-Americans! It also happened to coincide with the magnificent full blood moon and supermoon lunar eclipse tonight! 

Believe it or not, this shining supermoon photo was taken with our cell phone while "looking" through our telescope in the driveway. Not horse related, but so very awesome nonetheless! 

Live. Love. Horses.

Summer Solstice Fun

Happy longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, also known as the Summer Solstice or Midsummer’s Eve in Europe! While it isn’t a national holiday in the U.S. (it is for a few Scandinavian countries) we still celebrated with family and friends and hope you did too. This particular holiday predates Christianity and is said to celebrate the power of nature and ancient fertility practices with ceremonies performed to ensure a successful harvest; hurray for hay, grain and foals! 

Later Christian converts tried to abolish this pagan Midsummer’s Eve celebration and rededicate the festivities to instead honor St. John the Baptist’s birthday. Even though the meaning of the celebration has changed, the focus on nature and its magical healing powers on Midsummer’s Eve were still celebrated by us with flower crowns and copious amounts of wine and drink. After all, the why isn’t as important as the how

Live. Love. Horses.

Golden Inspiration

It is never easy when your horse comes up lame, but it is even harder when they don’t get better despite the time, effort, and money you put into their care and rehabilitation. Our Buddha was originally diagnosed as exhibiting classic navicular syndrome lameness and we treated him as such. However, he simply did not improve nor respond to traditional treatments of injections and therapeutic shoeing. While we trusted our first vet, who covered his primary care, we decided to seek a second or third opinion from vets that specialize in other areas of horse care. The second vet that we went to specialized in lameness and ultimately was able to specifically diagnose Buddha as having lateral and medial collateral ligament tears of the right fore. Now our golden inspiration is on his way to recovery and he is scheduled to have his next ultrasound check-up in August 2015, so come back to see his progress!

Knowing when to spend the money to get extra x-rays, ultrasounds or even an MRI isn’t easy. You have to balance out what is right for you as the owner as well as your horse and you should never feel guilty if you cannot afford a certain avenue of care or treatment or decide to seek second opinions. We highly recommend that you research conditions and treatments as other options may be available to you that you didn’t know existed. There are many online resources that are free. Educating yourself can often help your horse’s outcome and keeping track of the treatments you're trying can help ensure you are on the right track. Buddha's journey became our inspiration for Horse Power!

Live. Love. Horses.