Breathe, Exhale

Happy Independence Day weekend! It’s a daunting journey getting started with a new business! We’ve been busy trying make sure we have everything just so, obsessing over details and ensuring our web site and new Facebook page (check them out!) are awesome and keeping our customers informed! Not to mention we’re also working with our fantastic Creative Director, Jill, and our Magicians at TX3 to develop our new app.

Through being such busy bees, it’s made us take a moment to realize you have to take time for you. And part of that, is simply breathing! Sounds silly, but breathing right is a lost art for many of us. Our superwoman Pilates instructor, Nancy, is always emphasizing the need for breath! Without breath, you have nothing! How true that is whether we are in the saddle, or out. Take a moment to find out more about breathing from other experts!

Horse Nation’s article “The Athletic Rider: Breath Deep” really does a great job of outlining the importance of breath and how it could be affecting your performance in the saddle more than you think!

Ms. Jane Savoie also has a great article on breathing exercises for relaxation in the saddle.

A non-horse-related resource is the Optimal Breathing Mastery. They have some great information on breathing and all the related health benefits.

Live. Love. Horses.