Pressure Proof Your Riding

We decided to continue on the path of rider focus and the mental toughness needed for competition and optimal performance. After last month we're fascinated with rider psychology and the importance of it. So our April book review is on Pressure Proof Your Riding: Mental Training Techniques, Gain Confidence and Get Motivated So You (and Your Horse) Achieve Peak Performance by Daniel Stewart.

The Science of Equestrian Sports

For this month's book review we decided to focus on the rider with The Science of Equestrian Sports: Theory, Practice and Performance of the Equestrian Rider by Dr. Inga Wolframm. Dr. Wolframm's research interests focus on psychological, physiological and social processes in the rider, including horse-rider interactions.

Leap Day

It's leap day! We added an extra day in February to our calendar to better synchronize with Earth’s orbit around the sun and the actual passing of the seasons. Next leap year will be in 2020!

The reason we need these extra days is because Earth actually takes ~365.25 days to orbit around the sun every year. So the extra quarter day creates the need for a leap year. If you want to learn more visit EarthSky's article.

Live. Love. Horses.