Our Vision

Inspire the next evolution of equine performance through technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower horsemanship with technology and vital insights for the betterment of horse welfare and team collaboration.

We aim to provide equine teams the right platform and tools for more accurate injury prevention and rehabilitation oversight for healthier athletes and performance longevity. By embracing the Information Age and technology revolution we can ensure relevance as a modern competitive sport. 

Our Story

We are horse lovers, animal lovers, owners and competitors ourselves. So we understand the importance of keeping on top of the numerous daily details that go along with ownership, training, and competition.

Horses have always been our passion, a true love! The aspiration of horse ownership and competition, as well as living the equestrian lifestyle, is our driving force. Through injury experiences with our own beloved horses we found the need for equine technology that would allow horse owners to better track their horse's health and performance. We couldn’t find what we needed, and had a little push of inspiration to take the step of developing it. 

The Herd

We are all descended from the bloodlines of warriors, intellectuals and artists. Our pedigrees are mixed but it makes us mighty, as diversity breeds innovation! Some of us are more introverted and geeky, some of us are more extroverted and outgoing, but all of us are full of passion, compassion, integrity, and dedication!



OUR INSPIRATION / Buddha is a 16.3hh, flaxen chestnut gelding. He was foaled April 2005 and sired by Blonder Hans (Brandenburger x Kinsky Warmblood) out of Tigger (Thoroughbred x Belgian Draft). Buddha is registered with the American Warmblood Society (AWS).

Since the Spring of 2014 Buddha has had ups and downs with chronic lameness, it's been such a struggle to diagnose too; first navicular, then soft tissue medial collateral ligament tear, then osteoarthritis aka degenerative joint disease (possibly high ringbone), and also a possible right shoulder injury. He was slowly getting better with a Hylasport supplement, Pentosan injections and regular chiro/acu treatments. However, heartbreakingly, not well enough to come back to full training and competition. So we have loving retired him.

His lameness journey is what inspired us to develop Horse Power, an app that will better analyze his progress through each treatment, and record his daily wellbeing and exercise. An app that will help us find out what works, what doesn't, and give his care team better access to his daily routine and status. He is one happy and good looking pasture ornament!


Helen Schwab

FOUNDER & CHIEF STRATEGIST / We all know it isn’t the stallion that leads the herd or sees to its daily needs and activities; our herd leader, Owner and Founder, is Helen. She has sixteen years of experience working as a systems engineer and information security specialist for the Department of Defense, specifically the Air Force throughout our Pacific Theater. Her passion for horses and the mobile app idea finally lured her down the road to entrepreneurship, so she is now focusing her operational experience -- not to mention love of all things equine -- to Horse Power.

Helen is a proud Adult Amateur equestrian who currently trains and competes in dressage, eventing and (when she can) polo. Helen has her B.S. in IT Information Security as well as her M.B.A., and is a member of Central Oregon's Opportunity Knocks Team 29. Helen loves calling Bend, Oregon, home where she now lives with her wonderful horse-supportive husband, Matthew, and their four-legged fur babies: Omega (Rhodesian Ridgeback), Koa (Boerboel), Buddha (American Warmblood), and their newest addition Gatsby (Connemara).


Jillian Perez Dudziak

CO-FOUNDER & CHIEF EXPERIENCE OFFICER / Jillian has over 15 years experience in applying design strategy across multiple channels and products. She plays an integral role in product design, branding, and visual marketing strategy. Her passion and focus is in creating work that fosters positive change and has impact on her surrounding community.

Jillian has worked in both commercial and academic creative industries as a Creative Director, user experience designer, and visual designer. She considers herself both a lifelong student and educator and believes in the importance of mentoring the next generation of creative minds. She is a Project M alumni and has taught design courses in the Integrated Media Program at Mt. Hood Community College. She earned her BA in Digital Media and an MFA in Emerging Media from the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design. She currently resides just outside of Portland, Oregon on an old timber ranch with her husband and chocolate lab, Gambit.


Taryn Yates, DVM

VETERINARY ADVISOR / Taryn is our Equine Veterinary Advisor. She has followed her passion to work with the equine athlete and owner to maintain sound and healthy sports horses and performance horses by specializing in chiropractic and acupuncture services. Taryn received her DVM from Colorado State University where she focused primarily on equine medicine. She then worked for two years in a large equine referral clinic in Weatherford, Texas, focusing on sports medicine, internal medicine and reproduction.

Taryn is a Grand Prix dressage rider and earned her USDF Gold Medal in 2015 with her beautiful Dutch warmblood mare Orisis. Orisis and Taryn have been partners for 16 years, learning together as they moved up the competition levels. Taryn currently has a new prospect, a Danish Warmblood filly named Tally, who is our youngest Horse Power Athlete. Tally is still growing, but Taryn looks forward to starting her dressage career next year! A Montana girl at heart, Taryn loves her new home in Bend where she gets to spend more time with her horses and two dogs Juno and Gus.

Like a wildflower, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.
— E.V.